As I suspected would be the case, the antics described here might have been the climax, but there was still some dénouement yet to happen.

That morning had been pretty hot, and I was still feeling warm in the evening. So at bedtime, he was lying on the bed, propped up a bit against the wall, and I knelt between his legs and gave him oral again. Since I’ve started to feel comfortable with it, oral has often been a feature of playtime.

I touched him with hands and lips. Kissed his thighs and ran my lips lightly over the hairs there. Kissed his hips and inside his hipbones. Nipped at his abdomen. That whole area from bellybutton to mid-thigh that I had been giving a wide berth as though it was marked out with danger tape. Because, I had thought, that’s where sex comes from, and sex is dangerous.

But I felt safe. And under my lips and hands and eyes, he felt… admired. A welcome novelty with a refreshing lightness. A particular smile in his eyes that I’m not sure I’ve seen before. An openness.

And then, slowly and with care, he tied my wrists together with a strip of soft leather. And then got me on my back and fucked me hard. And with my bound hands around his neck and pulling him close, and my gaze holding his, he came hard.

He had set the alarm, so we were up a little earlier than usual. But at that point there wasn’t much left to do, just wake up and stop worrying about oversleeping.

With some extra time in the schedule, we couldn’t help it. We fucked again. Again with a blowjob. Again from behind with my ass in the air. Again with my shoulders on the bed and arms outstretched in front of me. When we find something good, we tend to stick with it and explore the nuances.

I usually tense my muscles all over, but this time was different. I relaxed into it and felt very passive, but not like I was merely enduring it. It was more like getting a massage — just lie here and relax and savor it while someone does something very pleasant for me.

Push me up towards the head of the bed, whatever. Splay my knees out wider, whatever. Push me down against the bed, grip my wrists, whatever. I’m just along for the ride.

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