I seem to be on a bit of a photography kick. The weather is nicer than it has been, it’s warmer inside and there’s been some good sunlight.

I took some photos this morning and started playing around with cropping. Usually one version speaks to me and that will be the one I post, but I like these two images for different reasons.

Do you prefer one over the other? If so, what do you like about it?

orb orb close-up


[2014-04-21. Edited to add:] I eventually figured out how to adjust the size of images beyond S-M-L. So here’s the close-up again, but this time at about the same size as the first image, just more tightly cropped.

orb close-up

15 thoughts on “orb

      1. I love reading your blog. The decadent pictures add to its mastery. I’d love to capture that imagery. Beautiful x


  1. The first one is arty and at first glance could be any arrangement of limbs (but the boob is a nice surprise) and the second one makes me feel like I’m there. I just want to pinch and suck that nipple hahaha sorry but that’s my reaction, you asked! 😛

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    1. I did ask, and thanks for your honest answer 🙂

      I see where you’re coming from. It’s interesting, because when I was editing these, the first seemed more naturalistic and the second more abstract because of the lack of context. (I tend to like to zoom in on details so you might not be able to tell what you’re looking at.)

      And yet the second image is roughly life size (on my monitor, anyway) and, well, I guess it’s hard not to know what you’re looking at 😉

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  2. I must say I am very glad for your photo obsession right now. You have an amazing eye and a body that oozes sexuality.

    Please.. Don’t stop what you have started 😉 explore further


  3. The wider shot is a photo of a woman. The close up is a photo of a breast. I like the wide shot. It is a balanced shot with good framing and better focus and exposure than the close up.


    1. I understand what you mean about the subject of each photo – my partner found the close up to be impersonal.

      I was starting with the same image in each case, the only difference being how much was cropped. However, WP resizes the images – I can tell it to make the image small, medium or large, but these are all relative to the column width. So if the close up looks less focused, it’s only because WP has forced it to be bigger than it should be relative to the wider shot.


  4. Thanks, all, for your feedback – it has helped me understand how others view the images differently than I do, and also helped clarify what I like in the two (now three) images.

    I see that the first (wider) image tells a little more of a story. Enough of the body is visible that the viewer can see it’s a completely relaxed (lounging) pose. But one of my favorite details is the shadow of the nipple, which appears in the upper right corner. This is the main reason why this image has the composition that it does – I couldn’t crop any tighter than this and keep that shadow in a reasonable place. When I was editing the image, it always saw it as a photo of a breast.

    The second and third (cropped) images exclude that information about the attitude of the body, and thus there’s less emotional content. But this time, the focus is on the line and shape of the breast only, and in particular (if I can say this without sounding completely full of myself) that almost perfect ellipse.

    Thanks again. This has been a really interesting discussion.


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