the etiquette of commenting

I read this post at Alex in Spankingland about the etiquette of commenting on kinky photos and it got me thinking. Alex is a professional spanking model, while I’m just sharing a few words and pictures about my (otherwise completely private) sex life, so many of the details are quite different, and yet some of the principles still apply.

Being able to connect one-to-one with strangers around the world to share intimate material is still quite new, so the etiquette is still developing. I think it’s worth giving some thought to the ways in which we interact with each other about this kind of material. I haven’t come to any conclusions yet, but the wheels are turning and a lengthier post will likely follow.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about commenting on my blog, please have a look at Alex’s post first.

One thought on “the etiquette of commenting

  1. Interesting that Alex chose to tackle that subject. For the most part, I’m happy reading, lurking; if I have something to say, I choose to stay positive, otherwise silent.

    Frequently, I have to turn away from the comments section because as a man, reading a sexual woman’s blog, I find myself ashamed to see what others feel comfortable saying from the anonymity of their dank basements.

    Alex is correct: would you say this to that blogger’s face? Do you actually believe that you know that person well enough?

    For me, I’ll stick to writing about the boring stuff. No worries about anyone sending me boobshots 🙂

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