don’t stop at one

I had gone to sleep wondering what would happen in the morning, and woke up the same way.

I woke first, shortly before the original scheduled start time of 8:00. Would he want to try the enforced availability idea after all? The thought of it got me warm and wet. Structured playtime or not, I knew there was a good chance I’d be getting fucked soon. He woke up a few minutes later, and I initiated some cuddling while his grogginess faded.

Nothing at all was said about the old plan… which is how I knew it was still off. Oh, well. But it didn’t make a great deal of difference because we picked up more or less where we’d left things the night before. He informed me that his cock was very hard and then gave me a few ideas of what he thought I might do with that. I asked him which of his ideas he’d prefer, and he said he’d like me to suck on his cock. So I did.

He murmured his encouragement and enjoyment, but called me off after a short time so we could change things up. He wanted a fuck, and so did I. On knees and elbows I was, and good and wet so he slid in easily. My ass was up, my knees splayed wide and welcoming, my chest and shoulders on the bed, my arms outstretched, my hands braced against the wall. His hands held the nape of my neck, pressed down on my back, or gripped my flanks while he pulled me to him and pounded into me.

He came hard, and then it was my turn. Between the Pure Wand and the vibe, I had a good G-spot orgasm, about mid-range in intensity. He asked whether I wanted to try for another, which I did. The second one was good, more intense. After this we got up and went about our morning routine.

Later on in the day, he admired my ass while he was busy with something else and gave me a few smacks. It was game on again. We went to the couch — him sitting in the middle, me on elbows and knees over his lap — and he gave me a spanking. We then retired to the bedroom for more of the same, although it didn’t take long before we were ready for something different. My first orgasm, with wand and vibe, was again mid-range.

The second one, however, was beautiful. The lead-up was very intense, and I didn’t recognize the noises I was making, nor did he. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, just completely in the moment. In fact, I wasn’t so much making noises as allowing noises to happen, as if from a distance. I was in the middle of the experience, and yet I also felt part of my awareness was outside it — it was ecstasy in the sense of its Greek roots: “standing outside”.

This sense of awareness, from both the inside and the outside, reminded me of a couple of times when I’ve been performing. The first time I ever felt it was while singing (solo, a capella) and I knew the words and tune so well that for once I didn’t need to focus all of my attention on my performance. I still had awareness to spare, which I used to observe the reactions and focus of the audience members; they were engrossed, and the whole experience was tremendously satisfying. The most recent occurrence was a solo performance of my own choreography, although the feeling was less pronounced than that first time. This feeling, or part of it anyway, reminds me of some aspects of “flow” as defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (A little research shows some connections but also some differences. A topic for another post?)

If this orgasm didn’t tie for the most intense that I’ve ever had, then it came a close second. After a moment, a small wave of tears washed over me, followed by a giggle fit, where everything was really funny. After some more ministrations, a third, slightly less intense, orgasm soon followed.

I guess the lesson here is not to stop at one.

The next day, my adductors were achy, and I think I’ve finally worked out why: when my knees are splayed wide in leapfrog position, I engage the adductors to keep my knees from sliding further out. My abs, which I had deliberately engaged for the orgasms (5 that day), frequently complained at the slightest movements. I even ended up with a few small bruises from the spanking, which is a first (we’re lightweights).

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