The courier’s card claimed that he had been at the door at a certain time — right on the hour, so it may have been an approximation. If he knocked, he was very quiet. Couriers, in my experience, don’t tend to knock quietly. If he rang… well, the button for the bell is damaged, so it might not have made noise beyond a faint buzz.

My partner figures that the courier had dropped the card in the mailbox without ever attempting the door. Why? Maybe he had actually forgotten the anxiously awaited package at the depot. Or maybe dispatch gives him too much to do in a day and he didn’t want to waste his time at the door at a time when he expected no one to be home. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, I’m thinking it’s just as well that he didn’t ring or pound on the door. Because if the time on the card was accurate, my partner was just finishing pounding me. Noise at the door would have ruined the moment and resulted in a mad scramble for some clothing followed by a frantic dash to the door. By which time the courier would have left his card and driven off anyway…

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