a swing and a miss

The drive back from that interview a few days ago was more fun than the drive out. Business now out of the way, my partner and I discussed a play idea I’d found (here) that interested us both:

Enforced Availability

This works best with a female submissive, and is especially good for those of you with an objectification fetish.

Choose a specific period of time, such as one particular day, when your partner is required to be available for sex at all times, regardless of her state of arousal. During this time, she is required to do whatever is necessary to keep herself ready for sexual penetration or intercourse. Periodically throughout the day, you should take advantage of her availability by taking her sexually, without warning and regardless of what she’s doing at the time. Keeping herself available and well-lubricated is part of her responsibility; she should be ready for you constantly, at any time. Note that care should be taken with an unaroused partner; good lubes are quite helpful here.

We talked about some basic considerations like when (probably a Saturday) and how long it would go (say, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, for the sake of argument).

As luck would have it, there was a Saturday approaching. We revisited the idea later in the week and concluded that we might like to try it out. I hadn’t been getting off all that much lately and he was starting to feel rather guilty about that, so if this is what Saturday was going to be like, then Friday night had to be an orgasm buffet for me.

But we lost track of time on Friday evening and got a late start. After a nice spanking, when a shift of gears was required, he said something in a tone that didn’t quite work for me and I got derailed. While my mood was slowly tanking, he got derailed and started tanking too. We were soon at a point where the only thing for it was to retreat to solid ground: cuddling. I think we were both too tired.

With the pressure now off, my mood recovered fairly quickly so I started asking him about fun things he enjoys. (Even though we’ve been together a long time, this conversation is still very new.) He shared a few thoughts and the atmosphere warmed again: hey, sex talk is sexy. He started caressing my breasts and bottom, and I asked him to stroke my cunt, which he did, and then some. We got nicely hot and bothered again, but it was late and our moods were still a bit fragile. We are not risk-takers, so we cashed out our winnings (so to speak) and went to sleep.

While we had been cuddling, he said he figured that the enforced availability thing might be a bit much this time around, so we shelved it. But that was before we managed to repair the mood, so I wasn’t 100% certain that it was still off. That gave me something to consider as I drifted off to sleep…

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