“fresh” Boobday

adissolutelifemeans.com/boobday/Hyacinth over at A Dissolute Life Means… runs a meme on the last Friday of every month, which she calls Boobday. The purpose is “for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.” Click the icon above for more info.

Boobday inspired the first photo that I posted. This month I’m participating in the Boobday round-up — the theme is “fresh”.

How is this “fresh”? Well, as it’s my first time, I’m a fresh face. Or chest, at any rate.

Head on over and check out this month’s collection of lovely “fresh” boobs. And if you do drop by, leave some comment love.

11 thoughts on ““fresh” Boobday

  1. I discovered your blog through Hy’s a few days ago. I was excited to not only find a new sex blog but to find a blog that was new and developing, so now I feel like I am joining you from the very beginning of your journey. And that’s kinda special.

    Can I just say.. You are a very attractive woman. You never know how to picture someone from their writing, and I suppose everyone would have different ideas of what the person behind the writing really looks like, but my goodness! What a body.

    You have an avid fan in me. Thank you for sharing.

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