[I was originally going to call this “sex injury” but rejected the title as being a little melodramatic. But now I have Soundgarden’s “Head Injury” (with the necessary slight revision to lyrics) on a loop in my head.]

When I’m trying for an orgasm, I’m usually on my back, working with some combination of vibe, G-spot toy, my partner’s mouth and/or fingers. I tend to unconsciously press my pelvis up using abs (sometimes) and legs (always). I did have a few days of sore abs, but I seem to have gotten past that quickly. The leg muscles that get engaged depend on the angle of my legs. I guess. I’m not honestly paying a lot of attention to my leg muscles in the moment. I’ve routinely given myself sore hips and glutes, and I’ve had charley horses in my thigh — the right thigh only, two or three times in the last 6 weeks or so.

I complained to my physiotherapist about a particular ache in one of the groin muscles and she figured I had strained the adductor. She seemed a little puzzled that such a thing had occurred and guessed I had slipped while walking. In the circumstances, I’m not so sure…

My upper back tends to be in good shape thanks to dance, but it bothered me while I was trying to sleep last night and has been pretty sore all day today. My first thought was that I overdid it at dance class last night but, no, class was low key. And then I remembered: we had quite the vigorous fuck yesterday morning, and for part of the time I was on my front (ass up, chest flat on the bed) and pushing against the wall in front of me. Aha! This explains why my lats (mostly), traps (some) and triceps (a little) are sore today. I guess it works my back more (or at least differently) than maintaining second and fifth position arms.

And despite yesterday’s spectacular(ly) hard fuck, my cunt is none the worse for wear. I guess it’s already in shape.

5 thoughts on “sexercise

  1. had to chuckle; my partner wakes up next day with badly sore glutes and hamstring, which results in massage and deep magic wand action, and then the cycle repeats 😊

    Weird, eh?


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