what I did over the holidays

My dance class resumed today after breaking for Christmas six or seven weeks ago. The instructor went around the room asking what interesting things people had been doing during the break.

The only interesting thing that’s going on for me is I’m getting fucked a lot, but that’s not something I’m going to share there.

One, divorced with adult children, had been very vocal about being single and not getting any, but everyone knows she has a new boyfriend and folks were cracking jokes about how much she was getting laid.

Of the rest, four are getting little or no action: two singles; two long-term marrieds. The one who has a young child had nothing much to say on the topic.

One (who often makes sexual jokes and comments) was single for some time, but she got a boyfriend about two years ago and it sounds like they got rather busy. I think things have settled down for her now.

And then there’s me with my mouth shut, trying not to smirk too much.

I tend to be the quiet one — although that’s less true in this group, where I feel very comfortable. I’ll make subtle sexual jokes but I never reveal anything personal. There wasn’t much to say before anyway.

I’m certain that I got fucked more than any one of them. But I think it’s also very likely that I’ve actually gotten fucked more than all of them put together. Huh.

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