fuck toy

We wake up at about the same time in the morning but, as usual, he’s out of bed first. I don’t rush into consciousness ­— I drift. And during my drift, I think: about our conversation last night about playing, and about how we might play today. With all these juicy thoughts, I wind myself up surprisingly well.


He comes to the bedroom to check on me.

“I thought I should tell you that I’m really very wet right now.” I’m the wettest I’ve ever been, in fact. Literally dripping.

“Is that right? And what would you like to do about it?”

I respond quietly, “I think I’d like to be a fuck toy.” Thinking about it has made me wet, and saying it out loud gives me butterflies and that delicious clench in my gut.

As a courtesy, he asks if I have any preferences for position, but I know he may well ignore a request. The game is that he’s to use me as he sees fit, and so when he asks this question, it ironically serves to draw my attention to the fact that my preference is irrelevant. But I duly report my ideas to him.

I nip off to the bathroom briefly: whether you need to go or not, it’s wise to have a pee before embarking on either a trip or a pounding. When I come back, he bends me over the low dresser — a first — with my bare ass exposed. I’m so wet and ready that he slides in easily. He takes me from behind like this for a few moments, then pulls out.

“Get on the bed.” Slightly awkward in my excitement, I quickly arrange the bedding for the fuck I’m about to get.

“On your back.” He puts my legs where he wants them. He bends me like a jackknife with my ankles on his shoulders near my face, or he rears up and puts my ankles together on one shoulder or the other, all the while giving me his entire length. I’m so aroused that I can take it all.

“Turn over.” Now I’m on my hands and knees, ass in the air. Again, he slides in and fucks me rhythmically. Then, without words, he pushes my chest down against the bed and grabs my hips. No longer pacing himself for the distance, he sprints for the finish line and comes hard inside me.

He collapses beside me and, after a few moments, starts working my G-spot with his fingers while I take care of my clit with my vibe. The pounding has changed my sensations — some places have become more sensitive and others less so. It takes some time, but I’m rewarded with an intense G-spot orgasm. Once I come down, I feel sated and thoroughly fucked.

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